Rolex Submariner 40mm 116610 Ceramic Pink Bezel Insert & Pink Dial Complete Set

  • $14,900.00

At Juell Time, we're all about full transparency and the Golden Rule. If you already know a lot about watches, you'll quickly find out, we've got your back!  If you don't know much about watches, you'll eventually find out, we had your back. 

We have the ONLY custom watches that double as investment pieces.  WHY? you might ask...

For example, there are 3 modifications on this watch, all easily reversible if ever needed: 1) Pink Bezel insert (don't worry, the black factory original is included and did not break coming out, 2) Refinished pink dial (don't worry, the original black one comes with it too.)

That said the watch comes with a full 1 year warranty (we aren't super sticklers on this, if you had a problem in 13 months, we're not gunna leave you by the wayside!)

Model Number: 116610

Serial Number: We don't post but rest assured, we don't buy or sell old beaters or over polished watches. Our quality control is based on "miles" before age, because reputation is everything, and you don't get 23 years of 100% positive feedback selling trashed used watches. If you have a special request, message me!

Perfect condition, comes as a full complete set, box and card and factory originals ( you get everything)

Full 1 year warranty