Buying Guide

There are three ways most of our customers go about this. Let's first decide what type of customer you are.

1) Center Stone is my Main Focus: Looking to purchase the stone of your dreams? You already know what kind of diamond you are interested in buying, and you either already have a ring you would like me to set it in for you, OR you would like to custom create your setting. If you are in the market for a larger stone in the 1 carat or higher range and are most concerned about the purchase of that center stone, maybe you want a certified stone, etc... Then I would suggest you make an appointment with me to purchase your stone. Once your stone is purchased, and the size and measurements of that stone are known, you can take the next step of either designing your setting or having that stone put into a setting you already have.

2) Setting is my Main Focus: Looking to create the ring of your dreams? You have been saving pictures of many different rings you love and now you want to combine your favorite features of all those rings into one custom designed ring. This is what I do. You don't even need to reside near my business to successfully accomplish this. I will interview you over the phone to get an idea of what you have in mind and with technology these days, you can simply text or email your pictures to me. I will then give you a price quote on this setting. The price quote will be either with the center stone, or without, depending on how you would like to go about it, and if you want to purchase a fancy certified stone or not. Regardless, when you are ready, I will execute your dream into a reality. You will receive a digital image that is a rendering of your ring. I will ask you to study it, and when you give the green light, I make your ring. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks until completed. 

3) Price is my Main Focus: Looking for a really great wholesale price on a nice engagement style ring? You don't really have a solid style or design preference yet. You are open to suggestions. You are also open to purchasing a used estate or pre-owned piece. After all, diamonds are still diamonds, and gold is still gold, when all is said and done right? This will immediately take the depreciation right out of your purchase before you even buy it.