An appraisal is an important piece of paper to have if you would like to insure your valuables. Most insurance companies will accept a Juell Time appraisal. We offer a free Juell Time appraisal for all of our customers who purchase our products.

We also offer appraisal services for most high end jewelry, gemstones and luxury watches. Each individual item will be priced based on many variables including metal content, quality, size, rarity, designer, and weight. Listed below are a few examples, please contact us for a more specific price quote.

Pearls: Pearls are complicated and require more extensive study than many other precious stones do. Origin, size, shape, thickness, luster, color, surface blemish or texture, condition and care are all factors that determine the value. Also, when in a strand or in pairs, how well they match is a factor as well as the condition of the strand. An appraisal for valuable pearls is usually in the $50-$200 range, however, contact us for a specific price quote because it varies considerably.

Luxury Watch: An all factory luxury watch that is a simple appraisal for insurance purposes is usually a simple appraisal. Usually in the $50 price range.

Customized Luxury Watch: A customized luxury watch often has diamonds or other gemstones that require careful examination for quality and workmanship. This requires more than a basic appraisal. Usually in the $75 price range.

Vintage Watch: Vintage Luxury watches are complicated. They require research and trade books used as resources that are often not found on the internet. They also often require disassembly of the case to examine the insides. Usually in the $100 range.

Jewelry: Fine jewelry comes in many different weights, shapes, sizes, and forms. A typical engagement ring or modern jewelry item is usually in the $50 price range.

Designer Pieces: Most distinguishable designer pieces with obvious signatures that are easily detectable and identifiable can be appraised with simplicity. Some are more difficult and require research of tiny initials or signatures in the metal which are often difficult to identify from some artists. The more obvious ones are less expensive to appraise, the less obvious ones can be difficult to find. Any information the owner has regarding original purchase, receipts, and history of the piece is helpful in the research process. Usually in the $50-$150 price range. 

Numismatics: Rare coins and money are complicated and require more extensive research than simple jewelry items. Origin, weight, dates, current value, online research, and also current trade books that can be costly to keep current versions of. Condition is a major factor that determines the value. Appraisals for rare coins and numismatic items are in the the $50-$150 per hour range depending on the resources needed to determine an accurate value, and also depending on the type of appraisal needed. Some only want a value for personal reasons, but some need values that are official and in professional print for an insurance company. Contact us for a specific price quote because it varies considerably.

Estate Lots: If you would like us to go through each piece with you and look at your estate items for a verbal appraisal of our opinion, we offer that as a free service even if you are not willing to sell. However, if you would like the official appraisal document, please advise, as some items in a lot may not be worth making up a document for and some will. We will provide you with our opinion of what not to appraise and what to appraise, and then offer the appraisal service on the latter. Price range varies.