Jewelry Repair

We offer Jewelry repair and maintenance service for most high-end jewelry. Each individual item will be priced based on many variables; including, metal content, size, designer pieces, and amount of metal. Please contact us for a price quote.

Prong Restoration: Prongs are the weakest part of a ring yet they hold in the most valuable part of your ring. If you have prongs holding in a precious gemstone on your ring or jewelry item, inspect them often. Worn out or bent prongs are often the cause of a lost gemstone. This can be prevented with basic maintenance. Check for loose stones and have your ring checked by a jeweler every year or so. Usually in the $100 range, depending on the prongs, size, and labor involved. This usually includes a polish if desired. Contact us for a specific price quote.

Ring Sizing: Have you gained or lost a few pounds and your ring doesn't fit anymore? Do you want to wear your ring through your pregnancy but it's too tight. So many people often set their ring aside waiting until the day it fits again. Why? It's not necessary. A ring sizing is usually an inexpensive and simple procedure. Just do it, you will be so happy you did. It is usually in the $30 - $40 range and includes a polish if desired. Contact us for a more specific price quote.

Polish: A nice polish can do wonders to make your jewelry look brand new again. Some polishing can be done at home. For silver tarnish, I recommend Wright's or Tarn-X. For more precious metals like Gold, and Platinum, send your item in for professional polishing. The process starts with a basic cleaning to remove all the dirt and grime. Then follows with a polish. This process does remove a very small amount of metal so don't just send it to anyone. Find someone you trust. We usually provide this polish service FREE as part of a ring sizing, or prong restoration. Otherwise in the $20 range. Contact us for a quote.

Cleaning: Some items need to be professionally cleaned but most can be cleaned right at home. I start by setting my ring in a small cup and spray it with Windex or Simple Green. If you notice excess lotion or grime, maybe use a tiny drop of dish detergent. Then cover with a small amount of the hottest water your hand can handle without getting burned. Let it soak to loosen up the grime for a short while, then carefully scrub with a soft toothbrush. Drop it back into the cup to finish releasing the grime.  Rinse with fresh water holding the cup underneath. Don't ever rinse a piece over an open drain. Cleaning your own jewelry can result in loosening stones if the piece needed maintenance in the first place, best to recover any stones that could fall out. 


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