How to choose a watch that makes sense (and cents!) financially

Posted by Kelly Juell on

Ok, let’s start with a silly joke...

“My girlfriend, a blonde, got two dogs, German Shepherds. I went over to see them. I asked their names, she said, “Rolex and Timex.” I told her they were strange names for dogs and she said, “Duh, they’re watch dogs.”

I hope for my friend’s sake her dogs don’t have the character traits of a Timex but instead the traits of a Rolex: timeless friends that will live long, valuable lives.

Similarly, wouldn’t you rather buy a watch that will last a lifetime, is timeless in style, and will appreciate in value over the years? Or a watch that will die in four years and depreciate in value?

Trust me when I say, don’t buy the Timex. Buy the Rolex. A Rolex watch should not only appeal to the status-symbol seeking socialites, but also to the everyday humble, frugal citizen. Here are four reasons why a Rolex watch is a smart choice for everyone:

  1. A Rolex appreciates in value over the years. This is more exaggerated if you buy a Rolex on the secondary market (hint because you are skipping out on the initial depreciation of a new product. You are buying the product minus the depreciation, since someone else already took the hit from the initial depreciation.
  2. A Rolex holds it’s value more than any other high-end watch. Although I can appreciate the features and style of many different brands of high end timepieces and luxury watches (Cartier, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Omega, Panerai etc...), a Rolex is the traditional go-to luxury watch of choice for most people and therefore it is in high demand.
  3. A Rolex lasts forever. A typical Timex watch lasts about 4 years. A Rolex lasts forever, but since people don’t live forever, let’s say the watch lasts your own watch owning adult life--40 years. You would have to buy 10 Timex watches in that same 40 years that you could have bought one Rolex.
  4. You’ll make money on your Rolex. For example, the typical popular Rolex watch costs about $8,000. A Timex will cost $50 every 4 years for 40 years. That’s 10 Timex watches, or $500 for your lifetime, since they are worth $0 when their day is done. However, after 40 years of wearing the $8,000 Rolex, it will be worth well over $8,000 due to the value of precious metals increasing, inflation, and possibly if you purchased a model that is in high demand, your watch could even be worth significantly more.

So don’t waste $500 on a trash Timex. Invest in a Rolex timepiece--it’s worth your money and it’s worth your time.

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