Rolex Submariner 16610 40mm Stainless Steel Men’s Watch Factory Clone Green Ceramic Bezel Insert seen on Kermit 126610LV Mint

  • $12,990.00

Rolex Submariner 16610 40mm watch.  This watch comes with a factory black dial.  The watch also has one of our superior quality custom replacement green ceramic bezel inserts.  This watch is often referred to within the watch community as the “Kermit.”  This watch is pre-owned and in mint condition.  This watch comes with the original box, papers, booklets and hang tag from Rolex.  Watch comes with original factory parts/bezel insert.  


Seller’s comments: “This watch is one of our newest custom pieces.  We specialize in taking authentic factory Rolex’s and customizing them to give a more expensive look for a more affordable price.  Doing this gives our customers the look they want, plus the investment piece they are looking for, because we include the factory parts/bezel insert.  We pride ourselves on helping our customers get the exact look they want and also providing the factory parts so they maintain a complete watch for investment purposes (which no other dealers I know do this).  We like to call this watch the “Baby Kermit” since it was the model right before Rolex started making all their watches with ceramic bezel inserts.  The 16610 (which is the watch we use for this customization) came from the factory with an aluminum bezel insert.  What we do is take a 16610 Submariner and replace the factory aluminum bezel insert with one of our perfect, superior quality custom replacement green ceramic bezel inserts.  It took us over 4 years to get these ceramic bezel inserts perfect to use on our watches.  Our bezel inserts are perfectly calibrated to fit into the existing bezel of the 16610, the green color is absolutely perfect and we even use platinum spray in the numbers, compared to white paint like lesser quality aftermarket ceramic bezel inserts use.  The new all factory Kermit 126610LV is selling for over $20,000, so let us save you some money for the same look.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction and provide a 1 year warranty on all our watches.  We have been selling luxury watches and fine jewelry on eBay for over 22 years with 100% positive feedback over that time.  We look forward to working with you!”