Rolex men’s stainless steel 40mm GMT Master II116710. Custom yellow and green “Sprite”

  • $16,790.00

Rolex men’s stainless steel GMT Master II model number 116710.  This watch has a superior quality custom replacement yellow and green ceramic bezel insert.  This watch has the Rolex factory black dial.  This watch is pre-owned and in mint condition.  This watch is an aftermarket customization that is perfect for Green Bay Packers fans and Oregon Ducks fans.  The watch comes with a box, warranty card, booklets and hang tag from Rolex.  This watch comes with its original factory parts/bezel.  


Seller Comments: "This is one of the coolest customizations I’ve done and I love doing customizations that Rolex does not already do. Soooo, this had Juell Time written all over it.  This is what I did…I have taken one of my superior quality custom replacement bezel inserts and added it to a modern stainless steel GMT Master II 116710.  Now,you can have this unique look that is sporty and masculine.  The factory 126720VTNR “Sprite” is black and green so I decided to make a “Sprite” that had the yellow and green we are all accustomed to when thinking about the soda Sprite.  The “Sprite” look on the traditional right-hand watch is beautiful and will make everyone jealous…feel free to let them know where you got it lol.  We use superior quality replacement ceramic bezel inserts in our watches that took us over 4 years to get perfect.  These ceramic bezel inserts have perfect color compared to the Factory, the switch between the colors at 3 and 9 is perfect, they are perfectly calibrated to fit seamlessly into the existing bezel and we even use platinum spray (like Rolex does) in the numbers compared to white paint.  These ceramic bezel inserts have even stumped watchmakers with over 20+ years of experience and countless other people.  The GMT Master II was designed for professional use for traveling and has the ability to display different time zones--travelers love it!  We guarantee 100% satisfaction and provide a 1 year warranty with all watches.  I have 22 plus years of 100% positive feedback on eBay.``