Rolex Datejust 41mm 116300 Mens Steel Watch Silver Diamond Dial

  • $22,990.00

Rolex Datejust 41mm 116300.  This Rolex is stainless steel.  This Rolex has a factory silver dial with custom baguette diamonds added to the hour markers..  This Rolex has a custom diamond bezel.  This Rolex has custom diamond work on the lugs.  This Rolex has custom diamond work on the case.  This Rolex is pre-owned and in mint condition.  This watch comes with the original box, warranty card, booklets and green hang tag from Rolex.  All diamonds in our work are perfectly calibrated and graded as F in color and VS in clarity.  

Seller Comments “There is not much more you can say about this watch other than it is absolutely perfect.  I love watches when they have diamond bezels and diamond work on the lugs and the case only.  It’s really the perfect added touch of luxury to an already luxurious watch when speaking about a Rolex.  The 36mm and 41mm watches are becoming increasingly popular with women and look great on anyone's wrist.  This watch is in absolute perfect condition and is the epitome of MINT.  We only source watches in the nicest condition; there is a big difference between a watch that was worn daily and one that was set to the side and worn sparingly.  The Rolex Datejust is arguably the most common luxury watch in the world.  The classic Datejust look from Rolex is both gorgeous and simple.  The addition of the diamond works adds an elevated touch of luxury to an already stunning Rolex like this.  Juell Time can help you save tens of thousands of dollars with our custom work, while getting top work from artisans with decades of experience.  This IS NOT diamond work that is machine set in a fake watch case from China.  What some vendor’s are doing is ordering pre-manufactured watch cases that look identical to Rolex.  These watch cases are machine-set with low quality diamonds and poor craftsmanship.  Then they take the authentic Rolex movement, crown and sometimes the dial (If you're lucky) out of a genuine Rolex and put it in the fake case.   At Juell Time we actually drill into the genuine all-factory Rolex and set diamonds in it.  At Juell Time we specialize in giving our customers the look they want for a price they can afford, while allowing our customers to be confident in the product they are getting. We have over 21 years of 100% positive feedback selling luxury watches and fine jewelry on eBay.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction and all our watches come with a 1 year warranty.  We look forward to working with you!”