Rolex 4-in-1 Submariner 116610 40mm w/ Bezel 4 126610lv Starbucks & 126619 Gold

  • $16,250.00

Rolex Submariner “Submariner’s” with multiple personality disorder. lol. Okay yes you read that right. This is a 4-in-1 Rolex submariner model number 116610. It comes with our exclusive in house bezel removal tool so that you can change the bezels without breaking them. (Because if you didn’t know by know, Ceramic is glass and it breaks coming out .. UNLESS you use our bezel removal tool! You can convert your 116610 submariner with a blue bezel insert made for a Cookie Monster 126619 but in stainless steel and we even give you an extra stainless steel bracelet but with high polished center links like the 18k white gold one has. Or swap it for the green bezel that looks like the Starbucks. Or even better yet, add our exclusive red bezel and be unique! Great for college alumni red team fans. Please note that the tool will remove the factory original insert without breaking it. It will also install our high quality aftermarket inserts the same way rolex intended so it clicks in and doesn’t use glue or 3M tape like other aftermarket bezel inserts do. The tool will not reinstall the factory insert although we are working on that design. Regardless, a standard bezel press that any decent watchmaker has, will do so.

Included as pictured:

Complete set Rolex submariner 116610 with black bezel and black dial

Blue ceramic bezel insert

Aftermarket oyster bracelet with high polished center links

Green ceramic bezel insert

Red ceramic bezel insert

Ceramic bezel removal tool