Rolex GMT Master II 40mm 116710 Mens Watch Factory Clone Blue Ceramic Bezel Insert Mint

  • $17,290.00

Rolex men’s stainless steel GMT Master II model number 116710.  This watch has a superior quality custom replacement blue ceramic bezel insert.  This watch has the Rolex factory black dial.  This watch is pre-owned and in mint condition.  This watch is an aftermarket customization for the “Blueberry” 1675.  This watch comes with its original factory parts/bezel.  


Seller Comments: "This is one of the most beautiful watches I have ever seen.  Rolex does not make this watch anymore and this classic Rolex look is only available in the vintage models.  I have always loved the “Blueberry” 1675.  Since this is the case, I have taken one of my superior quality custom replacement bezel inserts and added it to a modern stainless steel GMT Master II 116710.  Now, this classic Rolex look is available for a fraction of the cost with an updated ceramic bezel insert.  Especially, when compared to the 1675 vintage models of this watch which can sell for over $50,000 depending on condition.  I recently saw a vintage “Blueberry” 1675 aluminum bezel insert (perfect condition) sell for over $20,000.  This is our “ode to the Blueberry.”  This watch is so sporty and masculine.  The “Blueberry” look with a modern ceramic bezel insert is absolutely gorgeous.  It gives a modern look to this classic Rolex design.  It was designed for professional use for traveling and has the ability to display different time zones--travelers love it!  We guarantee 100% satisfaction and provide a 1 year warranty with all watches.”