Rolex GMT Master II 40mm 116710 stainless steel watch. Refinished meteorite dial and Custom Ceramic "Coke" Bezel Insert Mint

  • $17,790.00

Rolex GMT Master II 40mm 116710 stainless steel watch.  This watch has a superior quality replacement “Coke'' ceramic bezel insert.  The dial is refinished in meteorite and looks like the meteorite dial that is made for the 126719BLRO MT.  This watch is pre-owned and in mint condition.  This watch comes with the original box, warranty card, booklets and green hang tag from Rolex.  The watch comes with the original factory parts/bezel.  

Seller Comments: “This watch is absolutely amazing.  The number one thing that is cool about this watch is that Rolex doesn’t even make it.  They made the Coke 16710 but they have never made the Coke with a ceramic bezel like we have here.  Rolex does make the meteorite dial and it can be seen on the 126719BLROMT Pepsi.  So, I decided to combine these two looks to make this perfectly unique piece.  What I’ve done here is take a stainless steel GMT Master II 116710 and I replaced the bezel insert with my perfect superior quality replacement Coke ceramic insert and used a dial refinished in meteorite.  We also high-polish the center links of the bracelet like Rolex does on their white gold watches.  I use superior quality replacement ceramic bezel inserts in my watches that took me over 4 years to get perfect.  These ceramic bezel inserts have perfect color, the switch between the colors at 3 and 9 is perfect, they are perfectly calibrated to fit seamlessly into the existing bezel and we even use platinum spray (like Rolex does) in the numbers compared to white paint.  These ceramic bezel inserts have even fooled watchmakers with over 20+ years of experience and countless other people.  There is an over-saturation of aftermarket ceramic bezels out there and they are nothing like ours; ours are absolutely perfect and we guarantee that.  The 18k solid white gold 126710BLRO MT Pepsi sells for over $60,000, so with our watch you get a luxurious look for a fraction of the cost.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction and offer a 1 year warranty with all of our watches.  I have over 21 years of 100% positive feedback on eBay.”