Rolex Day-Date President 40mm 228238 18k Yellow Gold Diamond Dial Bezel 228348

  • $58,500.00

Rolex Day-Date President 40mm 18k Yellow Gold

Model # 228238

Custom very high quality aftermarket 18k white gold Diamond Bezel with all F/ VS diamonds with perfect workmanship setting. We can do this exact same bezel in yellow gold too. I didn’t think I would like it with white gold bezel but it really bling out the diamonds nicely. If we do it in yellow gold it will look just like the $ 90,000 factory.

Custom 18k yellow gold diamond pave Dial made for model number 228348rbr

Complete set with factory dial and bezel on the side so can be put back to factory specs if ever wanted to. This way you have an investment piece and fun watch all in one.

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