Rolex 41mm Datejust 116300 Mens Stainless Steel Watch. Refinished Turquoise Blue Dial Mint

  • $12,490.00

Rolex Datejust 41mm 116300 mens stainless steel watch.  The watch has a refinished Tiffany Blue (Rolex calls this color Turquoise) dial with luminous hour markers.  The idea behind this customization is to give you the highly sought after Tiffany Blue color dial that Rolex used on the Oyster Perpetual (the Turquoise colored 41mm Oyster Perpetual has now been discontinued by Rolex).  We do the customization on a 41mm Datejust so the watch has more functionality with the date function, but you also get this gorgeous color.  The watch comes with the original box, card, booklets and hang tag from Rolex.  This watch comes with the original factory parts/dial.

Seller’s Comments “This watch is gorgeous and gives you an absolutely unique look.  Rolex only used the Tiffany Blue (Turquoise) colored dial on the Oyster Perpetual (the 41mm Oyster Perpetual with the Turquoise dial has now been discontinued) and it was one of the most sought after dial colors on that watch…really of any watch.  What we’ve done is take a stainless steel 41mm Datejust 116300 and refinished the dial in this gorgeous Tiffany Blue color.  For an added simple yet luxurious look on this watch, the center links are high-polished like Rolex does on its solid gold watches.  The Tiffany Blue 41mm Oyster Perpetual sells for $30,000+ right now.  This is $25,000+ over retail from Rolex.  Now you can have this same sought after look with more functionality (the Oyster Perpetual does not have a date function) for a fraction of the cost.  Why would you pay that price, if you can get the same look from a perfectly customized stainless steel Rolex Datejust.  We specialize in giving our customers the luxurious look they want for an affordable price.  This timepiece is unique and anyone can appreciate the gorgeous look, especially for the high-savings. We have been selling luxury watches and fine jewelry on eBay for over 22+ years with 100% positive feedback over that time.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction and offer a 1 year warranty on all our watches.  We look forward to working with you!”