Rolex 40mm GMT Master II 116710 Refinished Meteorite Dial 4 126719BLRO

  • $15,200.00

Rolex GMT Master II 40mm 116710 stainless steel mens watch. This watch has a superior quality replacement “Pepsi” ceramic bezel insert seen on the 18k white gold 126719BLRO MT “Pepsi”. The dial is refinished in meteorite and looks like the meteorite dial that is made for the 126719BLRO MT “Pepsi”.

Seller Comments: “This watch is absolutely amazing. The number one thing that is great about this watch is the considerable savings for the look you get. Rolex makes the solid 18k White Gold 126719BLRO MT “Pepsi” with the meteorite dial and it retails for over $60,000."

This is not the same ceramic bezel insert and meteorite dial that comes on the 126719BLRO MT. This watch is pre-owned and in mint condition. This watch comes with the original box, card, booklets and hang tag from Rolex.

The original owner lost the box set with card when he moved or someone in his family, who didn’t realize that you’re supposed to keep your Rolex box, threw it away thinking it was clutter. So I replaced the whole box set and booklets with the same original ones that came with it but the card can’t be replaced. It is guaranteed authentic and has passed through the authentication hands of 3 experts on our team.

That said, this watch is a budget deal and would make a great daily. I made it more affordable for those of you who don’t want the original bezel and dial.

I also have available another one, that is a full set and also has the factory parts on the side, listed in my ebay store. That one is about $2000 more, if you need help finding that listing just message me.

So, I help my customers get a luxurious look for a great price. The bezel insert is our perfect superior quality replacement “Pepsi” ceramic bezel insert and the dial is refinished in real white gold plated meteorite.

We use superior quality replacement ceramic bezel inserts in our watches that took us over 4 years to perfect.

They are perfectly calibrated to fit seamlessly into the existing bezel and we even use platinum spray (like Rolex does) in the numbers compared to white paint like most cheap ones on the market. These ceramic bezel inserts have even stumped watchmakers with over 20+ years of experience and countless other people. There is an over-abundance of aftermarket ceramic bezel inserts out there and they are nothing like ours.

Feel free to message me any questions or comments. I’m always here for you!