Red Ceramic Bezel + kit Factory Insert Removal Tool Rolex Submariner Watchmaker

  • $1,800.00

Please see first image to see what comes with your purchase. It’s a kit for your watch and also a tool. Fits 116610 and 114060 no date submariners. Feel free to text any questions about this.

Can You Change the Ceramic Bezel Insert on a Rolex without breaking it? YES! Now you can!

This Watchmaker Tool works in less than a minute to safely remove your ceramic bezel insert without breaking it.

It will also install the aftermarket bezel insert without breaking it.

The tool has threads on it so that you can’t possibly tighten it down unless it is screwed on straight. And it being screwed on straight is what gets the insert out safe.

Ceramic is a type of glass and when used on a Rolex watch as a bezel insert, it is very thin and breakable.

If a watchmaker attempts to remove the ceramic insert from the metal bezel, in most cases it will for sure break.

In very rare cases with a very skilled and adventurous watchmaker it can be done but it the only one who we know of that has succeeded in the last 4 years, succeeded one time and it took over an hour for him to do it.

It’s a high risk situation and not worth the risk

This takes the risk out so you can customize your Rolex watch and keep the original safe from breaking. We call these “unicorn” watches the best of both worlds: Fun watch and investment piece all in one.